Membership of the Worthing Combined Ex-Services Associations Committee is open to each local Branch of an Ex-Services Association, and to a local representative of a number of local members of any Ex-Service Association whose Branch Headquarters or meeting place is within the County of Sussex.

In addition to branch membership, individual ex-servicemen and women who are not members of a local branch, may on the sight of their respective service documents, be granted individual membership of the CESA. They will make a yearly subscription to the branch, as determined by the Committee at their AGM. Persons joining from 1st October until December yearly will pay a full subscription, after December the subscription will be made on a pro-rata basis.

Life Membership may be awarded to members whom the committee feel are deserving of that recognition, either on their retirement from office or by some worthy deed in the cause of CESA.

Honorary Membership may be awarded to persons not necessarily CESA members, whom the Committee feels are rendering a special service, which is helpful to CESA and its members.

Affiliated Membership is at the request of an ex-service organization that do not have representation on the CESA Committee, but wish to be advised of CESA activities they can participate in.