Why an Armed Forces Day?

This important day aims to focus the nation's expression of support, and appreciation for, the British Armed Forces and their work - past, present and future.

Support for the Armed Forces community, and highlighting the outstanding contribution to this country has been warmly acknowledged by Her Majesty the Queen, Head of the Armed Forces: 'The men and women of our Armed Forces have always been admirable examples of professionalism and courage. Then as now, they perform their duties in often the most difficult and dangerous of circumstances, both at home and overseas.'

What is a Veteran?

A Veteran is anyone who has served in Britain's Armed Forces, in any period, and for however long. When you 'sign on the dotted line' whether by choice or as part of National Service, you are effectively giving up your life to your country. You hope to get it back one day, but you are prepared to lose it.

You do not have to have fought in a battle to be a Veteran; the willingness is all.

So why a weekend?

Armed Forces Day itself always falls on the last Saturday in June. Here in Worthing the Combined Ex-Services Association (C.E.S.A.) has been holding a drumhead service on a Sunday in late June/ early July since 1994.

Having a weekend event not only gives us time to really show our support, but allows us to continue with a long standing tradition. We have, in fact, had a weekend event since VE/VJ Day 2005 when the weekend was run by the Borough Council with the help of Rotary and C.E.S.A. C.E.S.A. has since run it alone. It has covered West Sussex since 2007 at the M.O.D.'s request.